Emma (ashei) wrote,

Cap/Iron Man Reverse Bang 2012

Yay, it's reverse bang time!

Okay, gosh, where do I even start? So I signed up last-minute for c_im_bigbang and initially had vague plans to do something with girl Tony because I like girl Tony. Then I remembered that the Olympics are coming up this summer, and I realized there was something else I liked besides genderswap: sexy sports AUs. SO I DREW IT. Then sirona_gs claimed it and TURNED IT INTO SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, GO READ IT. Alternatively, look at the art, AND THEN GO READ IT. It's movieverse AU and full of delicious UST and wet men (Tony! Steve! Bucky! Rhodey!) and fantastic physical therapist Pepper, and oh my goodness I could not be happier!! <3

But okay, setting aside the massive squee for a moment to actually post the art!

And for good measure, here's another link to the fic: I've got you under my skin by sirona_gs

If you're so inclined, the art can also be found on Tumblr: http://citsiurtlanu.tumblr.com/post/21736165111/

*Rolls away*
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